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lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

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Age: 19 Sex preferences: Bisexual
Height: Weight: Breast Size: Hair color: Hair length: Eye color: Build: Ethnicity: 163-173cm 46-52kg Normal Brown shoulder length Green Petite White

Nobody has ever proved that life is serious business - I suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy my company in a private room, I have a strong feeling you will not regret it.
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jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

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Age: 18 Sex preferences: Bisexual
Height: Weight: Breast Size: Hair color: Hair length: Eye color: Build: Ethnicity: 174-184cm 46-52kg Big Brown Long Brown Average White

Well, I cast myself special because I can really understand the needs of men and are highly consistent. I want to be treated with respect.
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I do not like when someone is rude to me, although I respect

sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

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Age: 22 Sex preferences: Bisexual
Height: Weight: Breast Size: Hair color: Hair length: Eye color: Build: Ethnicity: 152-162cm 46-52kg Tiny Auburn shoulder length Brown Athletic White

They are very friendly and like to party, want to join me for a kiss? When I go online HORNY ... have fun ... enjoy ... hummmmmmm ... I'm excited again ... I'll now online ... Wait for me!
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miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

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I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors and misspellings. French is my preferred language. There is a reference in the text to other experiences we've had. If anyone wants to read them, there are, but in French. This is a transcript of a dialogue that I had some time ago in a chat room. The woman who was talking called Mary, which is how I came to talk to her, first, because my name is Marie-Paule. Mary and her husband, Shaun, who lives in a small town in the Midwest. 42 years old and he 45, so a little 'more than me. I am 37 years old. Their discovery of a desire to try a new erotic experience is relatively recent, a few years, and have tried to change, as well as other experiments. He gave me a description of himself, so I can say I'm overweight for his height of five eight. Shaun is a bit 'smaller than her and I think it seems a round shape, but with a very pretty face, she says.

Both work for the same company, I have no further details. Each has an office. Marie office is located opposite the reception. It 'been a slow day, he said, to explain why the chat. Me too, I must admit, but from my office in Strasbourg, France. He asked me to describe myself, so I went into details: five field eleven hundred eight pounds, blond. I was reminded of my 34B, 85B to convert in order to understand. Our things, my husband and I show ... my!

I have shown in many different places, at times this led to other experiences, with others such as Franck, my husband.

In any case, Marie asked me to talk to her through my first exhibition. Although it was an accident very soft, and I always had the most daring adventures, as Mary said she had her very excited. What follows is a report of our dialogue, and is quite accurate. When words are not hard, that's who at the time. The only things I lost the inevitable delays and silences that occur in a chat room.

Me: So you're excited, Marie

She: Yes, very

Me: What do you wear?

Hair: knee green skirt and white shirt with green cravate

And below me?

She: You know?

Me: Sure

Hair: black bra and panties .... And the pants are a bit 'wet

Me: I do not want them?

You Here? In the office? I do not know

Me: You do not want? Is anyone else with you? Remove

She: OK. Just a moment


She: I went to the bathroom and took my panties

Me: How does it feel?

She: I am even more excited

Me: Do you want to pull her skirt a little 'higher on the thighs? I think it would feel good and look nice.

She: It 's done. Six exciting for me, Marie-Paule

Me: How far below your skirt sex, Marie?

Her: maybe three or four inches. Should I raise a little '?

Me: Yes

She: I'm naked in my chair. The skirt is not something to hide at all ... I called Shaun in my office, reading what you write. He sees my naked sex. Let me show you, like you, Marie-Paule.

Me: How do you feel about someone else naked sex, Marie see?

Hair: The idea excites me a lot .... Shaun, too!

Me: Is there anyone around who would like to show yourself?

She: I do not know ... ... Caroline, maybe she's the receptionist. She's younger than me, thirty, very pretty.

Ach MeWould how you see it? Does that turn you on?

She: Oh, yes .... A lot! But I could lose my job if they thought it was bad. Shaun says go for it. I'm so excited I dripping.

Me: Let me think. You can arrange them in your office, but only so that Shaun can see how you're exposed to?

She: I think so ... ... I'll try ... .. This is just so exciting .... Wish me luck, Marie-Paule. The name is in

Long pause

Me: there you are, Marie ... ... Marie? Hello? If you can read this, think about what you might say to Caroline. Whether you're naked under her skirt, really hot, and you're eager to show her nude sex

Hair: Caroline read what you write

Me: Wow! Really?

She: Yes, you read over my shoulder. I asked her to read my screen

Me: How did you react?

Her: She's gone

Me: Gone? What happened? Tell me

She: I call Shaun said you smell an unusual smell here, Caroline? The entire office smells of sex, Marie-Paule! She blushed. I said I was talking to you, and turn me on. I asked her to read the screen. He walked over and he must have seen my skirt around my waist, but she read the screen anyway. When she said she had work to do and started to go. But when he left office, I called his name. He turned to me and I turned in my chair and opened my thighs to show everything.

Me: How do you feel now?

Hair: Light anxiety. I did not know that I was able to do so. Now I know how active you are to expose themselves, Marie-Paule.

Me: You do not like to do?

She: I felt great. Please wait.

Pause. I can not find a way to explain how the speed and flexibility of the types told me that someone else was on the keyboard.

Me: Hello?

ABOUT This is Caroline.

Me: Hello. Did you like this? Marie was a shock to you? Can you tell me what happened?

CTo I entered the room, the smell of sex. I recognized him immediately. I got screwed by my older brother at the age of nine years, so it is not new to me.

Me: Ow!

CMAR said some strange things with the job then, Shaun asked if I noticed a strange smell. I think I went red. When I came to the office of Marie, I could see her skirt around her waist has grown. I read the screen, not knowing what to do. I was excited. I was on my way out, when Mary called me and showed me her pussy. Her hair was wet and sticky. I could see her pussy lips all red and swollen. I had to go out, it was serious, but exciting. I went to the bathroom and pulled my pantyhose and panties. Now I'm back in his office and I'm naked under her skirt as Marie. She wants to show her pussy, but she says you must give your consent.

Me: Feel free, Caroline!

CDON! Shaun and I stroked cock through his pants, too! Now I really have work to do. Bye, Marie-Paule


Marie: What a day! I do not think I would ever dare. But once she was behind me, reading your words, I could retire. What a wonderful feeling!

Me: What happened when Caroline showed her sex?

She: He turned his back to Shaun, and lifted her skirt to show me. She does not have much hair, and I saw her pussy really well. When she went, she went over to Shaun and touched his big hard-on. Should I go to think of everything, Marie-Paule, I'm still so excited. If you were here, I kiss your cunt, tits, ass .... Anything to show how grateful I am that led me to this today.

Me: I'm masturbating right now, to relieve stress! Find a picture of me on the net if you want to tell you where ... ..

The next day I contacted Marie back in the chatroom.

Me: Hello Marie ... So what about yesterday?

She: I'm still excited. Your photo is turned on us all again. You're beautiful, really sexy. Shaun says that if all women are like the French on his way to Europe.

Me: I like to see. What are you wearing today?

Hair: blacks pants and sweater

Me: Bra?

She: Yes, certainly

Me: Take It Off for me

HerNow? Marie-Paule You know, my boobs are not your will. He pockets. I'm a 38C, you know!

Me: It is important for you to feel exposed, so take off.

She: OK, I'm going to the toilet

Less! do it here! You are alone or not?

She: OK. For you. It 'did. I feel my nipples irritated by the wool. They rise.

Carol Meis there?

She: Yes, but she is busy

I: 'Go and say hello to you from me will see that you have no bra, her tits are naked under the sweater?

She: I think so, it is very thin. I would like. Pending.

She: I said. She says hello. I know he saw my boobs. I felt good.

Mego and ask her what she is wearing underwear. And give her a kiss from me.

Hair: Should I? I dare not.

Me: You should!

Its ok ... ... ... .. I did it! She says that blue bikini panties and a matching bra. She showed me her bra, has really nice tits. I would suck his and your time, Marie-Paule

Me Nice!

She: I called out for Saturday with her husband

What do you hope for me?

Hair: Everything! More!

Haar: Alles! Meer!

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

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Age: 21 Sex preferences: Bisexual
Height: Weight: Breast Size: Hair color: Hair length: Eye color: Build: Ethnicity: 163-173cm 46-52kg Normal Brown Long Green Petite White

Guys, you're dreaming of hot sex? So come and see me so we can have fun together!
Strong arms, to take care of me, while the whisper in my ears, mouth Peachy .. hm ...
They are a beautiful girl with a real personality, not a dummy. Please keep this in mind we're together. O)

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

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Age: 22 Sex preferences: Bisexual
Height: Weight: Breast Size: Hair color: Hair length: Eye color: Build: Ethnicity: 163-173cm 46-52kg Normal Auburn Long Blue Petite White

Visit my very erotic and sensual world where all your fantasies will come true. I may want to explore my body! I'm waiting for you to make sure that you will remember me.
I love giving blowjobs to men and feel their big dicks fall to my throat. There is no greater feeling for me with his sperm in my mouth. If you have checked into my room. I can make your day.
When someone loses his mood and stops before completion.

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

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I am a wild girl who want to meet others like me. I can tlaka if that's what you want initially, but will end with some crazy sex. The Trut is that I like this site to have great sex with all those who come to visit me.

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